What are the Advantages of the FIRO Business™ Leadership Test?

The Advantages of the FIRO Business™  Leadership Test?

The FIRO Business™  Leadership Test was created specifically for business settings.  It uses contemporary business rather than general interpersonal terminology.  Leaders in corporations and business find the questions in this FIRO test, therefore, to be more appropriate to their roles.

Furthermore, it has been internationally normed which means that it can be used by and in organizations the world over. The business terminology is relevant in the US as much as it is in Europe, for example.  It does require, however, that the test takers are fluent in English at this point in time.

The FIRO Business™  Test having been developed 50 years later than the FIRO-B®  leadership test.  That means that it has been able to incorporate research results gathered from over half a century of time.  This gives the FIRO Business™  Leadership test the advantage of being of more relevant for modern interpersonal scenarios and a contemporary assessment tool for current business settings.

Two reports are available with the FIRO Business™  Test.  Its basic chart version call the FIRO Business™  Profile Chart consists of 5 pages of charts with brief explanations.  It has 3 more pages than the FIRO-B®  Profile report.  The FIRO Business™  is also available as the FIRO Business™  Leadership Report (see table 1A).  It is also highly useful for professionals seeking to develop more effective interpersonal skills as well as leadership effectiveness.

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Careers with College Majors from Strong Test for High School Students

The Strong Test for High School Students: Careers with College Majors


Ready and excited High Schooler

Strong Interest Inventory Success

Questioning what careers fit you best? Wondering what courses or classes you should invest in to prepare for a college major that accurately fits you? Truth is that most high school students have similar questions about what the future holds for them. The Strong Interest Inventory, aka Strong Test, possesses answers to these key questions with its High School Student test version.


Deciding on careers and, to some degree college too, is not a one-time decision.  It’s a chain of decisions made over your lifetime. The first step in this career process is best started in High School.  It begins by matching up your interests with corresponding jobs. By using the well-known Strong Interest Inventory, students can establish a career focus, start career planning, and initiate the exploration process – key to your career and college success.


How You Will Benefit From The Strong Test


If you are a high school student wanting answers about who you are and what the future holds for you, then the Strong Inventory Test is for you. Not only will it identify what career options are consistent with your interests but, it will help choose the appropriate college major, relevant training and other education. On top of that, you will learn about your preferences for leadership, risk taking, and teamwork which will help you find satisfaction in your work.

Keep in mind that the Strong measures interests, not abilities or skills. It is paramount to first and foremost find a job that excites your interests. If you like a career, you’ll like going to work every day.  If you like going to work every day, you are more likely to succeed in that career.  In a nutshell, that is exactly what the Strong Interest Inventory can help achieve – careers you like and college major that fits so you can succeed.

How Are Your Results Organized?

Your final results are organized into six sections to provide you with an informative report about your career interests. The first section gives you general occupational themes by describing your interests, work activities or hobbies, potential skills, and personal values. The next section indicates interest areas that are most rewarding for you.  If you found a job you’re your top five interest areas you would feel fulfilled, satisfied and energized to work every day. The third section list of careers in the occupational scales which rates how satisfied you would be in a specific career based on your interests.

Moving on, the fourth section provides scales relating to your work style, learning style, leadership style , and teamwork style. This helps determine what learning environment is most effective for you, and what work environments you will thrive in.  Section five contains a profile summary that lists the top 10 careers that best fit your interests. Finally, the last section is a summary of your responses so you can see the distribution of your answers to all the question sections.  It contains within it a measure to determine if you “cheated” on this test – by not really answering truthfully.

As you can see, this Strong Inventory Test for High School Students provides a compact 12 page report with lots of information pertaining to your high school age interests as they relate to careers.

For information on College Majors, courses, and an expanded list of careers and preparatory volunteer and job experiences, you will need to take the expanded Strong Interest Inventory for High School Students Interpretative Report.  This information is contained in an additional 9 pages.


In conclusion the Strong Interest Inventory should be the first and most crucial step to your search in finding a satisfying career and right college major. And, you should take it in High School so you can start exploring careers and college before its time to choose a college.  That’s hard enough.  Besides helping you find a career you’ll love and the right college major,  this Strong Interest Inventory test goes above and beyond: so you can learn about your  values, skills to develop, hobbies you’ll like, learning styles and environments you’ll like to work in.  Just choose the Strong Interest Inventory for High School Students, Profile or Expanded, that’s right for you.

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FIRO-B® and FIRO Business™ Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart of FIRO-B®  and FIRO Business™  Leadership Tests


FIRO-B®  Leadership Test FIRO Business™  Leadership Test
# of questions 54 questions 30 questions
Completion time 20- 30 minutes 15 – 20 minutes
Terminology Layman’s general language Business appropriate language
Development date 1952 2009
Norming American military settings 10 International Business settings
Available Languages 8 languages besides (US) English (US) English only
Test Combinations With Myers Briggs®  in single Leadership test report Not available



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Time Frame Orientation

A person’s Time Frame Orientation aptitude has a big affect on their life. Does someone you know drive you crazy by their inability to set and reach goals? It seems impossible for them to think about the future, and so they are always unprepared. Or maybe your loved one always has his head in the clouds and can’t focus on the present moment. Both of these characteristics are part of an individual’s Time Frame Orientation.

Time Frame Orientation is an aptitude. TFO is the term The Highlands Ability Battery uses to describe the way you best set goals. It basically answers the question, “What is your orientation to time?” In other words, do you think about the future and what will happen in several months? Or are you more occupied with the present and what you should be doing now? Both of these qualities are important in their own ways, and each person has a certain Time Frame Orientation score. What’s yours?

Johnson O’Connor, an aptitude researcher, calls Time Frame Orientation “foresight.” They say that this is the “aptitude for seeing possibilities.” When you know your Time Frame Orientation or foresight score, it “can help [you] determine the best approach to goal setting. Those scoring high should set long-term, challenging goals… Those scoring low seem to be more literal and immediate, good at getting things done in the here and now.” 

Here’s an example of the kind of test that determines your Time Frame Orientation score. This is from The Highland’s Ability Battery.  

aptitude test ability test time frame orientation

This is part of the Highlands Ability Battery Test that determines your Time Frame Orientation score.

Though it may not seem like it, a few simple tests like this help you understand your relationship to time. Then, you can play into your strengths and set goals appropriate to your aptitude. As you have probably experienced with that exasperating loved one, you can’t just make someone think about the future and set high goals, nor can you force someone to pay attention to the present moment! By working with your aptitude, you will find it easier to achieve, with less things falling by the wayside.

You can take an aptitude test today! The Highlands Ability Battery is one of the best. It will describe almost two dozen of your aptitudes, what they mean for your life, and what careers would be suitable to your strongest aptitudes.

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Divergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking is a combination of Foresight and Ideaphoria. When these two aptitudes are combined, they tell us what kind of thinker you are.   

Because Ideaphoria measures the rate of idea productivity and Foresight measures what time frame a person works in, the two together look at “where” in time a person’s ideas land. 

For Example…

Low Ideaphoria means a person is better at concentrating on one thing at a time; if they are an immediate, “now” thinker, this concentration will only be enhanced.

On the other hand, a High Ideaphoria score is a person who can generate a lot of ideas in a short amount of time. If their time frame is long (a high score) these many ideas take place in the distance future.

This is why these two aptitudes work together; they tell us more about how a person’s ideas and time frame work together. 

when in time do your ideas happen?

The Combinations

  • High Ideaphoria and high Foresight scores result in an innovator. This person is constantly improving plans and adjusting as changes happen. They tend to start many projects and be concerned with continually improving things. 
  • High Ideaphoria and low Foresight is a forecaster, who can track several ideas into the near future.  
  • Low Ideaphoria and high Foresight thinkers are called inventors. I once had a client like this named Nathanael. He was a very creative person but only worked on one project at a time. He could project a few ideas far into future. This is actually a good combination for artists because instead of starting and dropping a thousand projects, they can follow through on just a few of them.
  • The last combination, low Ideaphoria and low Foresight, is a Finisher Studier. These folks see immediate needs and focus on finishing them. They do not have a vision for the future but do have fairly good concentration. They might push studying for an exam to the last minute, but can sit down and get it done for hours on end.

Why Does it Matter to Me?

Your Divergent Thinking score can help you focus your energies on your natural skills – your aptitudes. Rather than pushing yourself to develop a 10-year plan as a low Foresight scorer, recognizing that you need to take it a few months at a time will relieve you of stress and help you maximize your planning capabilities. Saving time, stress, and working out of your strengths is a smart move. If you need help doing this, consider contacting a career coach or profiler after you take your aptitude test. The Career Profiler and Coach recommends The Highlands Ability Battery as the best aptitude test.

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