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Analysis series: careers after graduation

STEM Careers for the college grad Recently, Sam Berndt published an article through the National Retail Federation about STEM careers after graduation called After graduation: Where this year’s grads will find jobs.  Let’s take a look at a snippet of … Continue reading

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Analysis series: Experienced career-seekers

Careers for aging adults Last week, Robin Ryan wrote an article for Forbes called How To Overcome Age Discrimination In A Job Interview. A 63-year-old woman named Jane wanted a new career in technology, and feared that she would face … Continue reading

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Time Frame Orientation

A person’s Time Frame Orientation aptitude has a big affect on their life. Does someone you know drive you crazy by their inability to set and reach goals? It seems impossible for them to think about the future, and so … Continue reading

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Divergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking is a combination of Foresight and Ideaphoria. When these two aptitudes are combined, they tell us what kind of thinker you are.    Because Ideaphoria measures the rate of idea productivity and Foresight measures what time frame a person works in, the … Continue reading

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Convergent Thinking

Though you may never have heard of it, Convergent Thinking is a combination of aptitudes that strongly influence your life. The two aptitudes that make up this kind of thinking are Classification and Concept Organization. Classification The Classification score determines … Continue reading

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