Interest Tests

Interests tests are just one way of getting information vital to understanding a person. For those looking for a career, it is not the most “heavy” test – that is, it is perhaps the least important thing to know about yourself in your search for a fulfilling career.

Interests tests are simply questionnaires that gauge how interested you are in different activities and subjects. They do not derive a conclusion from the information you give, they only group what you already know into a more understandable package.

Some of the most prevalent interest tests are:

  1. Strong Interest Inventory: One of the most reliable interest tests, in our opinion, helps you define and organize your interests, goals, and calling.
  2. Career Occupational Preference System (COPS): This test clusters different
    interest test

    Find out your likes with an interest test

    fields of study, careers, and activities to help people find the college major or career that’s right for them.

  3. Self-Directed Search: Developed by John Holland, this test “matches your aspirations, activities, and talents to the career choices and educational opportunities that fit you best.”
  4. Campbell Interest Test: Specifically geared towards college students, this test gauges the vocational interests and skills with the goal of making a career plan.

All these tests can help you organize your interests and likes. These tests are especially helpful for high school students and seniors. The former may use it to gauge what major to pursue in college. The latter may be looking for a new hobby or way to spend their time.

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