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OUR 100% GUARANTEE: Is a special designation which indicates that our Consultants and Coaches will work with you until you have achieved a clear and satisfactory career direction or work/leader action plan. Only our BEST Combos qualify for this designation.


We at TestEts provide a Feed Back Consult with every CPP report purchase. These tests include MBTI®, Firo-B®, Strong SII, and TKI.

Persons who purchase Concise or Comprehensive Consult indicate greater levels of satisfaction from test results


REPORTS: Our reports are authentic and come from the original publishing companies. Many of our supplemental materials (ADD-Ons) are published by top-rated companies.

RESULTS: You will receive the reports as soon as 90 minutes after you complete the assessment during MST business hours and within 24 hours during non-business hours.

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HOURS OPEN: The testing web site is available 24 hours a day of every day.


QUALIFICATIONS: For all Assessments, you must be at least 14 years old, have access to a computer with internet access (alternatives are available), and have 20 – 30 minutes to complete the question. However, I recommend waiting until 16 years old to receive the most stable results.

TIME REQUIREMENTS: MBTI® , SII, FIRO® typically require about 30-45 minutes from the start or registering to finishing the assessment. THAB requires approximately 3 – 3 1/2 hours which can be broken into shorter time periods.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: Most of the ONLINE Assessments require the following:



While it is not a system requirement to do so, we recommend that you update your browser at either or to the current vendor-supported version.

To determine your present browser version, click the Help button on the toolbar at the top of your browser screen, then click on “About Internet Explorer” or “About Mozilla Firefox.” To update your browser, contact a qualified technical advisor. As with any software installation, you will need to verify that sufficient hard drive/memory space is available prior to downloading and installing a browser upgrade.


OPERATING SYSTEM – Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, or 10

Laser, 300 or 600 DPI (not higher)

Resolution set to 800 x 600 or higher 2. 256 colors

56K or faster



  • 133 MHz Processor or faster
  • At least 32 MB Ram
  • VGA Monitor


  • Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher)
  • Mozilla (version 1 or higher)
  • Netscape (version 7 or higher)
  • Safari (version 1.2 or higher)


EMAILED TEST : You will receive an receipt email that contains a link to the T”Test Instructions and Access Email”. Included in this document is Test Button” that you click on to be automatically directed to the testing site.

MAILED TEST : Not all tests are yet available online. “Paper Only” are noted in the site. You will receive a receipt email that includes a “Test Instructions and Access Email”. This document provides test taking and self-scoring overview instructions and informs you as to when you can expect to receive the test packet.

TEST PROBLEMS: You will receive contact information should you have any difficulty with the testing process in your instructions email that contains Test Access information.

CONSULTATIONS: You can choose to opt-in and schedule a consultation with an experienced Career Consultant or with a Career Coach to provide a more thorough explanation of your results and clarify any confusions after you have selected the test or package.

SUPPLEMENT MATERIALS: You can select additional materials that provide more detailed information about a specific topic as well as worksheets to help you use the information most effectively.


Divisions of Corporations:

  • AT&T
  • Qwest Telecommunications
  • Marketing Department at US West
  • Media One
  • CWA (A Union Organization)
  • Children’s Museum
  • PMCC (A Religious Institution)

Leaders and Employees from:

  • Janus Funds
  • Oppenheimer Funds
  • Private Colleges
  • Public High Schools
  • First Data
  • Brazilian NGO
  • Caridian
  • Among Others

Countries Represented Include:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • USA

Types of Clients Represented Include:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Telecom Engineers and Field Specialists
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Accounting Services
  • Medical Specialists, including physicians
  • College and High School Students
  • Re-Entry Women

To date, more than 5,000 individuals and groups have been served