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Find Best Career Test by Test Name or Brand

TestEts career assessment tests include the op career test brand names available from the most highly respect career test publishers, including Wiley, HighlandsCo, CPP and COPS.

Each career test brand name offers different types and scopes of report. For example,you might choose one of the 27 individual or combinations of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® tests also known as MBTI® career personality tests. Or choose one of the 4 Highlands Ability Battery or THAB ability career test report options.

The Test Brand Names offered here include:

(1) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test (MBTI® type-career personality test),
(2) Strong Interest Inventory® test(SII test-career interest test),
(3) Highlands Ability Battery test (THAB career ability test-career aptitude test)
(4)FIRO-B®/FIRO Business test(FIRO-B® relationship personality career test),
(5)DISC test( behavior personality career test) ,
(6)Career Anchors test(career values test) ,
(7) Career Orientation Preferences Systems test (combined career tests)
and a variety of other career tests published by CPP
including those for stress test, team player, and leadership ability test.

Click on the Brand Name of the Career Test to the right or below.

Marjorie Wall Hofer, Professional Career Coach

"This is one of the very best assessments, if not THE best tool, I have ever come across in my 20 years as a career specialist. It consistently receives praise for its usefulness in identifying satisfying careers and ability to provide solutions to work and leadership challenges. And it personally revolutionized my life."

Marjorie, Founder of OPTIM Development Systems, Inc.

MBTI® Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Business Man

"The THAB and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® in combination have been most useful in the growth and development of my career and myself as an individual."

Brian, Finance Director