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Each career test applies a unique perspective or theory to craft the test questions and generate results. This is what makes a career tests a unique type of test.

Career Interest tests such as Strong Interest Inventory® applies a data-ideas-people-things theory developed by John Holland in the 1950 and career test questions focus on likes and dislikes to generate career matches, career motivators, career task preferences and more.

Personality career tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or MBTI® test applies a Jungian-based theory elaborated upon by Isabell Myers and Katherine Myers-Briggs® to create preference questions with two choice options. The resulting answers to this career test produces a
4- letter MBTI® code including, and depending on the scope of your selected report, general descriptors and description for numerous situations including but on limited to stress, career, college, leadership, communication, project management, decision-making.

Total list of career Test Type choices include:

Personality career tests such as the Myers-Briggs® or MBTI® test
Ability career tests such as the Highlands Ability Battery or THAB test
Interest career tests such as the Strong Interest Inventory® or SII test,
Interpersonal or relationship career tests such as the FIRO-B® test,
Behavioral career tests such as the DISC test,
Values career tests such as the Career Anchors test,
Intelligences and Learning styles career tests.

The icons to the right appear beside career tests listed within this website so that you know kind of results to expect from it.

Careers by Likes and Enjoyments

Interest career assessment Test
Personal Style & Behavior Orientation
Personality career assessment Tests
Aptitudes &
Hard-wired Abilities
Ability career assessment Test
Perception of
Abilities & Skills
Skills career assessment Tests
or People Contact Needs
Interpersonal relationship career assessment Test
BEHAVIORAL --Adaptive and Natural behavior response Behavioral career assessment tests
Deemed Important & Priorities
Values career assessment Test

Learning Styles--
plus Specific Abilities including Emotional, Voc, Design, ProblemDefn, ConceptOrganization, Physics Perception, 3-D, Body,Sensitivities

Intelligence learning styles career assessment Test

Personality Ability Interest career tests along with Interpersonal Behavior and values career tests

This tool is for employees who want to sharpen and improve their leadership skills. This class helps people deal with issues that can get in the way of personal effectiveness.

Joanne York, USWC PR Manager



Personality career tests using Myers-Briggs® along with Ability Interest Value career tests such as Strong Interest Inventory®, Highlands Ability Battery, Career Anchors and DISC

My initial experience was to do a personality test to see where I want to be in my career path and what degree would best help me succeed in the business world. The test reinforced the idea of finance and that a degree in that field would be my best course of action. These tests help me to better understand myself and realize why I do some of the things that I do. It also showed that i was able to go back to school. It encouraged me, and kept me going class after class.

Robert Flanders, Investment Specialist